Playing Online Craps

  • Friday, Jan 22, 2021

Craps is a fun casino game to play. Not only that, but it is also a very rewarding game that can give players a chance to make some pretty good wins. If you are unfamiliar with craps, it may seem confusing when you see the game in action and hear different terms such as shooter, pass line bets and so on. Craps is not as difficult to play as it looks. In this guide, we'll explain how to play online craps. Go to for top casino reviews.

The Objective of Craps

Craps is a casino game that is played with dice. The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of the two dice in the game when they are rolled. The first step to playing the game just like every other game is to place your bets. Once you load an online craps game, you can place your bets on the pass line in the game. After the bets are placed, there will be a pass sequence. Here, the shooter will roll the dice called the come-out roll.

If you roll value of 12, 3 or 2, you automatically lose the game. However, if the outcome of the roll is 11 or 7, you win the game instantly. Rolling anything apart from these values becomes a point number. And once there is a point number, you'll need to continue rolling the dice until you roll the point number again for an even-money payoff. However, if you roll a 7 when you have a point number in play, you lose the game. You can play craps at the following casinos.

  • Casumo Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Mr Green Casino

Playing Online Craps for Free

If you want to learn how to play craps online, we recommend that you do so by playing the demo versions. There are top online casinos that offer craps in demo mode which players can play to understand the features and rules of the game. By playing craps for free, you can practise how the gameplay works and build your own playing style. Thus, by the time you start playing the game for actual money, it will become very easy for you.

Choosing the Best Craps Casino

As we've said earlier, there are several online casinos that feature craps in their game lobby. However, not all these casinos are considered the best choice. This is because some of them just want to get money from players without caring about giving the best gaming experience to them. So before you choose a craps online casino, you should ensure that you research the casino and check if it is licensed. Besides that, also check the variations of craps provided as well as the overall casino reputation.


Summary and Conclusion

We've explained how to play online craps as well as the different moves allowed in the game. Remember that you can always play the game in free mode to learn how it works. However, when playing craps for free, you should note that you can't win money from it. We've also explained how you can choose the best casinos that offer craps. Always ensure that you check the licence of the casino, the craps available, the payment methods, bonuses and customer support.